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Series Two: February 6, 13, 20

Christianity and the Metaverse: Will We Find God in the Coming Digital Universe? Not satisfied with your life in this universe? Then invent, design, or let someone design another, partly physical, partly virtual, one, for you – in the metaverse. This is a revolutionary project, full of possibilities and dangers, which could partially replace the internet, and even some religions that offer life after death. This new reality will be in life – or, perhaps not actually – but a very different life in any case, one lived through avatars. Big tech companies, and smaller ones, are investing large sums because they see it as a major business opportunity for the not-too-distant future. (quote from In this 3-week course, class members will take an in-depth look at the coming “digital universe” that is being called the Metaverse and discuss ways that it may impact everything from social interactions to faith in God. Facilitator: Ellen Carrington


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