Northwest Adults

Classes are held in the Family Life Center and begin at 9:30AM.

Bible Discovery—Letters for Today’s Church

What Word is God speaking to us?  What does the Bible say about what it means to be part of Christ’s Church? Come read some old, trusted guidance from the New Testament Letters of Ephesians, Colossians, and Titus, and discover new implications for living as the “Body of Christ” today. 
Leader :  Louis Bridges


Faith Seeking Understanding—Who is Jesus?

What claims were made about Jesus by the earliest Christians?  What do modern historians say about the development of these claims?  How were controversies about Jesus answered and how were they incorporated into the Church’s creeds?   This course will delve into a fascinating, multilayered historical puzzle—one that offers a richly illuminating look into the origins of both the Christian faith, and the Western worldview.  Come and join in learning more about who Jesus is.
Leaders: Ellen Carrington, Brad Miller, and Karen Taylor

Journey Class 

How are you embarking on a journey of seeking for God and keeping the quest alive?  Take a seven- week tour through some foundational Christian beliefs and ask what it might mean for your own quest.  This seven-week study will be a jumping off point for questions, group discussions, and personal exploration by touching on these topics:  God, Religion, Jesus, Salvation, Cross, Bible, and Church.  This class welcomes all who are seeking meaning and hoping to deepen their faith journey.

Leaders:  Michele Soteres and Jeff Upchurch