Our Session

Our church is governed by a Session of Elders elected by the congregation to three-year terms; they work closely with the pastoral and administrative staffs to carry out the work of the church. Our Session consists of seven ministry teams:

  • Christian Education (E)
  • Congregational Care (C)
  • Fellowship (F)
  • Outreach (O)
  • Stewardship (S)
  • Witness  (W)
  • Worship (P)

Our Session


Lisa Bacorn, F*
Dan Laney, S*
George Hauptfuhrer, M*
Anne McClatchey, E*
Steven Pohl, W
Dick, Wilbanks, S

Louis Bridges, E
Peggy Lang, O*
Bill Matthews, M
Craig Woodward, W*
Bryce Burnett, F
Carol Ballance, C*

Jennifer McCabe, O
Carol Rowland, C
Stephen Williams, W